[BUYING] Dirt and Stonebrick!

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  1. I need a fairly large amount of dirt and stonebrick for an upcoming project.
    I would like to buy around 3 or so double chests of stonebrick and 3 double chests of dirt.
    I want to pay 1,000r per double chest of dirt, and 3,456r per double chest of stonebrick.
    You can reply here or PM on the forums if you want to sell some. I can pickup the materials on any server except smp6.
  2. I will gladly sell you dirt at my 2nd res
    SMP8 at 16197
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  3. Bump, also looking for polished or normal Diorite now.
  4. Bump. Still need lots of stonebrick!
  5. I sell stone at my first res on SMP8