Buying Diamonds.

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  1. Hey guys I need to buy Diamonds in Bulk and am looking to buy them at 50r each. I have about 20k set aside and want to use it to buy about 1000 diamonds. If you have what I am looking for please contact me. I am able to buy them right now.
  2. PThagaard was selling diamonds by the stack for 50R per diamond a while ago -- you might see if he still has the chest set up. I know he went on vacation though, so he might not have any left.
  3. After a short shopping spree I have 16k and now need 800 diamonds at 50r each
    Edit: 8k and 400 diamonds
  4. Try cod4hoogie and yapzi's store on smp8 16008 they always have stock and restock
  5. Tried Leowaste?
  6. Thanks for the suggetions 9 stacks of diamonds later