[Buying] Diamonds

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  1. Come one, Come all. Come sell your diamonds at 19109 on SMP 9. Current buying price is 100r each. Better stop by before the slots fill up.

    Info: Quick way to diamond chest is it's right to the left when you first spawn at my res.
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  2. shops on smp6 buy them for 118 each, smp9 economy must be weird
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  3. It's not exactly polite to advertise other shops on a player's thread...
  4. i think he was just trying to say that her price might be a bit low
    and indeed there are some shop who buy for more rupees :/
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  5. 100r will not get you many sellers I'm afraid, maybe consider raising the price because the market value is roughly 120r :)
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  6. my mistake, fixed
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