[Buying] Diamonds!!!

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  1. Hello everyone! I'm buying diamonds for a project I'm working on at my res. I'm buying each diamond for 50r each. I'm also selling Iron, and Gold ingots there too. The iron ingots are 3r each, and the gold is 7r each. This is all located at my res spawn on SMP3, res #6329. Hope to do buisness with you! :D

    Gold is out of stock! ...But I have plenty of iron left :)
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  2. Bought out le gold
  3. I will try to restock some gold :)
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  4. Just sold you 36 diamonds
  5. Yaaaaaa. Thanks! Keep em coming :)
  6. Ya'll really should sell some diamonds here. I need them for a project I'm doing.
  7. I may sell you a few later, but I have some advice for you. Don't expect all the materials you need to be donated, you may need to spend some rupees (I guess that is what you are doing here) and don't be afraid to go out and mine for some as well. The enraged mobs aren't too difficult, don't let them force you into a town only person.
  8. I'm not having anybody donate anything to me...and I've been on EMC for over 2 years and I know what I'm doing. I have also not had time to be mining for any because I have been busy with another project. This is an easy way for me to get diamonds while I'm working on my projects.