[Buying] Diamonds

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  1. Hey guys! I am currently buying diamonds for 49r at res 18644 on smp9 so come sell your spare diamonds to me!
  2. Thats a little low. I buy mine for 49r... so i would make no money. And nobody has spare diamonds :p. If I were you I would let players sell them to you for about 52r-54r. Just a suggestion ;)
  3. The lowest I can get diamonds for about 53r idk where you get yours
  4. Yeah Im not telling :p its my source. Anyways good luck
  5. Ahhh all these people and their "sources" it frustrates me...a lot
  6. look around on smp3 there are shops in stock with 37r diamonds for sale, but i'm not telling you the exact address because I can't remember :p
  7. I will do that but it frustrated me when people that can get diamonds cheap ask me to up the price for me to buy when normal people can't get them that cheap
  8. I know who sells them but they are always out of stock :(
  9. I recommend you go mining, i seem to always come back from a 20 minute trip with 8-15 diamonds and other goodies.
  10. Thats what I do :)
  11. I do go mining but I am trying to build up a stock of anvils diamonds and enchanted books I'm spending most of my time building and at grinders
  12. Well I have enchanted books I can sell to you.... i also have lots of anvils. pm me if you are interested
  13. BTW what server are your exp grinders on?
  14. It has a specific name if you don't know the name you don't know it and if you don't I am willing to trade info for info...if YOU want to
  15. Its a grinder it has a name if you know the name you know what server it is on otherwise you know nothing about it and by info I mean someone you get diamonds for cheap from
  16. flaming potato were do you buy them for that?
  17. hes not gonna tell