[BUYING] Diamonds

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Should price be higher

Yes 22 vote(s) 95.7%
No 1 vote(s) 4.3%
  1. Buying diamonds for 25r Each, needed badly
    10755 smp5 near spawn
  2. The average diamond price on smp1 is 40r apiece in my experience the lowest I have seen resently was 35r.
  3. When did diamonds go down so much? :O

    I thought they were 50r/ea
  4. They are 50r each on smp1.. on smp4 they go for much less. not sure about other SMPs
  5. I've seen them advertised for just under 50r each but hardly ever in stock at that price...
  6. price changed, now at 40r
  7. 54r on smp6 :)
  8. this not a diamond price discussion, I just want people to sell me their diamonds, one more post that is off topic, I report it
  9. As a discussion question you asked if the price was fair essentially. So most of us are just trying to help you attract buyers at a fair price.
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  10. don't you mean attract sellers
  11. You opened a poll asking if the price was low - personally I was just responding to that. 40r is still way too cheap for me I'll sell you diamonds for 51r each though if you're interested?
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  12. 45r highest offer