[Buying] Diamonds.

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  1. I need diamonds. I'll be paying 40r per diamond!

    You can come and sell me it at smp9 18267 or we can agree somewhere else.

    Prices are negotiable through PM...
  2. You can always visit 6027 - SMP3 ^__^

    Buying/selling, diamond exchange!
  3. There are cheaper options though. If it's too much for you than just sell em to me. :p That way the price always stays fair! ^__^
  4. 2,400r per stack? One of the rarest things in Minecraft are worth alot more than that. The average price for 1 diamond is 50r.
  5. Meh. SMP3 needs bigger prices, as we have a low user-count and our economy is struggling.
  6. You guys gotta take an eco class. lol. If you want them cheap. Sell yours to the buyers for high costs, than buy the cheaper ones. Make money and keep the economy strong simultaneously.
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  7. It's not expensive. :p I might make the price range wider than 10 or increase the chest capacity at some point- but if people are buying small than it's simply worth more.

    I'm not going to change the prices, the diamond market in MC doesn't work right that way, and neither do I.
  8. they are worth like 40r these days
  9. On smp3, they're still 50-100r.
  10. 9000 has lots....
  11. To the shops selling them for under 44r go to 6027 and just sell them to me. lol
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  12. well thats silly
    nearly every other server is 35-45
  13. Time to sell
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  14. I think my exchange is buying them for 49r a pop these days.
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  15. How is it silly? We have about 10-12 users online at once, sometimes even 2 people, most of our users are inactive, and the easiest way to earn rupees is either by selling diamonds, villagers, wool and emeralds, and make them overpriced.
  16. Diamonds are no where near 50r!
  17. They are about 30-45r
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  18. Cool story bros- than you'll make a killing selling to me at 6027. Come, come, steal rupees from me because diamonds are useless. : )
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  19. *facepalm* sell them to me than go buy the more expensive ones for free. How is this complicated for you?
  20. >Buy diamonds for 41r
    >Sell to my shop for 44r-49r