[BUYING] Diamonds at 97r per!

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  1. Yes, you are able to read! I said 97r per diamond!
    samsimx why would you need 9 more DCs of diamonds? You already have a whole pyramid made of them!

    Well folks, since the build team one upped me by building the new and improved mob arena it's my turn to outbuild them. So I am looking to build ANOTHER diamond pyramid.
    /v 10017 to see existing diamond pyramid

    (also looking to raise diamond prices, lol)

    Please PM me on site to sell to me. :)
  2. You're insane. Hope you have a lot of rupees aha.
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  3. Haha, I love this :)

  4. I'm sure he can handle it.

    Hope you get them soon Sam
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  5. Well, one cannot simply one up the Build Team, so I will make sure to update the mob arena again once you make this second pyramid ;)
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  6. Oohhhh, good gosh, friendly competition? Lance likes this much!
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  7. Bump is 95r ea. not enough? I can pay more, money isn't a problem :)
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  8. and me wondering why so much shops are out of diamonds these times :p
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  9. Hmm... This is when one stack of diamond blocks comes handy!
  10. I think you might still have to go higher. I was bought out once at 102r each... :p If you're willing to go higher, check my shops /v 911 and /v 19500.
  11. Todd_Vinton at 2000 buys them for 125r
  12. Hmm... It seems he lowered rates and most of his chests are full now. I'm still buying them higher than him at 19500.
  13. I haven't been on emc in a while but if diamonds are now this price...... Wow.
  14. I sell them at 68r, something like that, at 16640. but they went fast that i will stop selling them :p