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  1. Hi, you probably have seen my thread or already bought items from my service : OP Blacksmith.
    Since 1.8 was released on EMC, I've begun to struggle a lot since I need to adapt to the new villager and XP mechanism. More res tags would be very great to have for all the back and forth I have to do with all the enchants and creation of books so a diamond voucher would be very useful to improve those aspects.

    New services :
    -New Repair service for all weapons, tools and armor.
    -New bulk book buying
    -New OP villager rent service

    Secondary Improvements :
    -Quicker finish of the current orders
    -Better looking office that is not surounded by emptyness
    -Greatly improve the production rate of enchants

    ----------SKIP HERE IF YOU DON'T CARE----------

    Don't hesitate to msg me in game or in the forums ! (Pls before the 1st june,before the end of the res moving discount).

    I got a DC of unbreaking 3 books that I would give to put the price down of 100k. (It would help me a lot).

    Anyway thx for reading guys (and girls).

    **The thread can be closed after I got the voucher.**
  2. This thread can be close
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.