[BUYING] Diamond Supporter Voucher 250,000 r

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  1. Paying 250,000 r to anyone who can sell me a diamond supporter voucher.
  2. Aren't you overpaying 100k xD
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  3. I remember buying my Diamond Voucher for 145k (and 5k of it was a gift from mah at the time neighbor) lol. I wish i would have kept it instead of used it xD
  4. seeing as you can get them for close to the same amount for now prob not. and also they may not want to spend real money to get it ;p different possibilities
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  5. I've seen people trying to buy them for 180-200k with no result. I think 250k is pretty fair, though maybe 225k would also work.
  6. I can sell you one for 250k
  7. well i may be selling 2 of them soon or at least putting them up for sale. doing so to help people that need them yet cant spent real money and want to get their extra res's
  8. I'm willing to buy a diamond voucher to, do you have one and you want to sell it PM me on the site or in game :)
  9. The only way I found a seller was posting the ridiculous price of 300k, I was desperate and needed one fast.

    raising the price even higher may help you out a little more.
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  10. I got one for a friend for 135k a few months ago, good times...
  11. i have one for sale if you still need pascal. just pm me. the price is on my thread at 250 no higher
  12. I believe caseyrae18 has the first grabs on it since she was the one that posted this thread
  13. i understand, but blackknight offered to sell her one for the price already. i wouldnt have posted here if it wasnt for that
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  14. I don't need to raise it, I had no problem finding a seller at this price :p

    Also guys, I don't need one anymore. It was for a gift and I found one now.
    I told pascal that maybe he could contact one of you since you were looking to sell as well.
  15. caseyrae18 told me that he/she don't want that voucher anymore.
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  16. Okay, so now that casey has hers and pascal is getting his, are either of you (BlackKnight, Eldritch, or even 820327) able to sell one more for the same price of 250k? :p I'm looking for one. I wouldn't ask, but since this has become the everyone-who-wants-diamond-vouchers-come-here thread, I thought I might as well try. :)
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  17. i am waiting on if pascal wants theirs or not :) ill talk to you if not
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