[Buying] Diamond support voucher

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  1. Somewhat casually in the market for a diamond voucher sometime in the next month or two. Looking to pay in the low 300's. PM me if you can get me one around there. Thanks!
  2. Bump to make sure I get all crowds.
  3. I've seen them go for 320 before. Or am I imagining that?
  4. I saw one go for 320, but the mainstream price is 350-380 now.
  5. Fair enough. I can be patient and wait for them to go down again.
  6. Moemaczap smp9 his second res
  7. Currently out of stock as of this post. Check back later however.
  8. He usually stocks them daily
  9. Checked Moe's the last few days, and I don't think he's still restocking them, FYI for anyone else in my situation.
  10. I could sell you one when I get home on monday for 340k
  11. Okay, I've gotten a couple offers of high 330's and one 340. Anyone else? I'm off camping for the weekend, but will be sure to check Sunday night.
  12. Anyone any lower than high 330's?