[BUYING]Diamond Pickaxes

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  1. I am looking for a surplus of diamond pickaxes enchanted with the following....
    8k for the silktouch picks.

    Efficency IV
    Unbreaking III
    Silktouch I

    or....i will pay slightly less for these...maybe 6,500?, because i will not be using them right away

    Efficency IV
    Unbreaking III
    Fortune 3

    Again I would like a ton of these picks....if you want to discuss prices, PM me...any price talk on this thread will be ignored.
  2. /v SteveClasher

    He sells all those picks but with Efficiency 4 instead of 5. His prices are actually lower than what you posted I do think.
  3. Cant seem to find them.....
    Cant seem to find them.....
  4. PM him, I know he has them.