[BUYING] Diamond Ores @ 200r each

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  1. Hello!

    I am looking for Diamond Ore. I'll pay 200r each.

    My "bulk price" is for 2 stacks at 30,000r.

    Thanks to those who participate!

    NOTE: This is the price I'm asking for. Please don't hassle me about the rate. If you aren't interested, don't post anything.
  2. Bump!

    Now paying 250r per ore!

    "Bulk price" is the 2 stacks for 35,000r!
  3. Diamond Ores for sale at /v 1112 - Blue Floor :rolleyes:
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  4. Which smp? Lol
  5. It's smp1 just type the /v 1112 and it tell you the smp
  6. Just letting you know, I cleaned out your Diamond ores lol Also bought 27 emeralds.

    I'm still looking for more Diamond Ores. Same deal!