[buying] Diamond Loot3 Sword

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  1. I'm looking to buy a enchanted sword with Loot 3 with or without extra enchaments included in it. Just tell me here if you got one for sale or Pm me so we can talk about final price.
  2. I think I got one, are you online right now?
  3. Nope, signed off couple hours ago, I been on tomorrow sometime , it's 5:18am right now so going get some sleep lol
  4. How may do you want to give for a only looting 3 sword, also, will set up an access chest for you at 10215, we will talk about the prife later. ;)
  5. Hmm I guess 1500r for just for Loot3 but have more enchantments would be great and talk about how much I buy for depending what it had
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  6. If I got an only looting 3 I willuse that one. :)
  7. pm me if you still want one
  8. i have looting III Bane IV Fire II Diamond Sword
    and Looting III Bane IV Fire II KnockBack II Diamond Sword
    want to buy?
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