[BUYING] Diamond Helmet: Respiration III, Aqua Affinity I

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  1. I'm looking for exactly what the title says. I have no idea how much they are or how easy they are to get, so name your price.

    If you have multiple of the item and your price is reasonable I may even buy two or more. ;)
  2. I have a full diving suite, resp 3 aff 1 and boots chest an leggs damage rest IV basicly if you have full food bar you can stay under water for ever.... yours for 30k
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  3. Probably a stupid question, but all unused, right?
  4. Yes, all unused.
  5. I have just the helmet you wanted, plus protection III. If you want it, 5k.
  6. Uhm, too many decisions! xD

    Happyshopper - I think I'll take you up on that offer. Just let me know where I can pick it up after I pay you. Just one question though; is that how much a full diving suit usually goes for?

    margaritte - I will also buy that helmet from you. Let me know where I can buy it or pick it up. :)
  7. I set up a chest for you in my residence on SMP8 -- it's the tower on the west side of spawn. Take the teleporter to the "blue" room. It's by the furnace and brewing stands. Let me know if you have any trouble. I know sometimes triple enchanted items are wonky in shop chests.

    Edit: I've paid that much for a full custom enchanted set of armor, but that was before the enchanting update. You could probably get it for less these days, no offense, happy.
  8. Alright I'll be there in a second. Yeah I figured I might be able to get all that for less, but I sort of want it badly (even though I wasn't making a thread for it specifically). It's the kind of thing where you have to say "whatever" and go ahead and buy it. xP Or at least that's what I do.
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  9. None taken :)

    Are you still interested in my offer?
  10. I have a Projectile protection iv, Aqua Affinity i, Resparation III you can get for free. It's abit damaged but almost brand new =P

    Smp5, Res #11240 if you want it :)
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  11. Happyshopper - Yes, I'm still interested.
    Xandrow - A bit damaged is fine for me if it's free. :p
  12. I made a chest for you with the helm. Smp5 res #11240. Go to the " Auction winner room " =P
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  13. Haha I was just wondering what room when you replied. xD I have gotten it out of the chest. Thank you. You're very kind. :)
  14. No problem, and thanks :)
    I didn't have need for that helm, so instead of me having it I decided to give it to you because you needed it :D

    Ps. I assume you are doing something under water :D
    Will it be Epic? :D
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  15. Heh, I wish it were something epic. It's more like I like to explore caves and they end up being way underwater, so when I want to get out quickly I just make a staircase upwards and break out deep underwater. Then when I am trying to swim to the top without a good helmet, I can't breathe and end up drowning when the surface is like five blocks above. D: lol

    And then there is those times where there is a ton of clay underwater and I don't have enough breathe to get what I want before I have to go to the surface for air. xD

    But uhm I guess I can dream up something epic to do underwater with the helmets I am buying (and getting for free :p). Maybe some underwater base in the wild. Make my own outpost/clan thing. lol
  16. I didnt even notice that this helmted is good for getting clay XD

    I normally use a sponge to get clay on other servers =P
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  17. if you use a sign or a ladder you can make a air pocket..