[BUYING] Diamond, Gold, Quartz

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  2. Cam you make prices per stack, BTW.... Quartz go for 20r each making it about 27k for a SC
  3. no they dont....
  4. I will not be making it so you can sell to me per stack but the prices are there anyway
  5. Your gold price is way low, I'd sell to you at 11r an ingot.
  6. Your diamond price is way low as well. SC alone is 120k.
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  7. I can supply a SC of quartz blocks for 48k (28r per block)
  8. sorry, I need to make some profit, and I cant compete with the big mega malls so it has to be cheap.
  9. im only accepting the items shown for the price shown.
  10. Yeah but I'm 99% sure nobody is going to sell to you at those realllllly low prices..
  11. the prices are based on other mega malls, cmon everyone needs a bit of money
  12. Yes, and they tend to do so by selling these goods at market value.
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  13. oooooooooooo
  14. Yeah but why sell to you for less than half price when we could sell to the other 70,000 people :\
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  15. there, changed prices!
  16. Sorry, deleting post D:
  17. Yes they do -.-