[Buying] Diamond Blocks

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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking to buy 64 diamond blocks for around 30r a diamond.
  2. I can do 46r/diamond for 48 blocks. :)
  3. Highest i'd go is 42 for half a stack
    Edit: This post has been changed to light blue by request of TheSpyPie.
  4. *Gasp :O
    Your text it not in light blue!
  5. Actually, I was on my phone. That can be how people can tell I'm not on my computer. :p
  6. I can't do 42. :(
  7. Can do 24192 for a stack of blocks (that's 42r each diamond)
  8. :(
    I feel nice. I'll buy 10 blocks at 46r each. That's 4150r :)
    Edit: I post this right as Thagaard swoops in with a nice offer. :p
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  9. Lol you better chance it to blue :D
  10. Please, please, please! :D I'll do 5 blocks :p