[BUYING] Diamond Axe Unbreaking 3 Fortune 3

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  1. The title said it all. I want that Diamond axe.

    Please post the price you're willing to sell it to me.

    (I'm only buying the specified axe, If it has efficiency I'll not pay extra for it )
  2. Bumpity Bump
  3. I'll get enchanting!
  4. Just wondering, but what good is fortune on an axe
  5. Netherwart,Seeds and Cocoa beans(?)
  6. Cool I didn't know that...
  7. Melons, And sapling drop rate as well!
  8. Saplings don't get affected by that.
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  9. Bump.

    I'd like this axe please!
  10. I might have one, but I won't be ingame before 10hours :p
  11. I;ll be waiting :p
  12. Hmm, Only had silktouch axe, :p
  13. I no longer need this axe.