[BUYING] Diamond Armour

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  1. Hello everyone today I would like to purchase Diamond armour, but not just any armour.

    I would like Respiration III or II on a helmet.

    Projectile Projection IV or III on a chest plate.

    Blast Protection IV or III

    Feather Falling IV or III on boots.

    If you have any of these items please comment on this thread and well will negotiate a price via PM

  2. i dont think this should be in Community Auctions.
  3. Sorry I didn't know what section to put it in :/
  4. products buisnesses and services. thats the place if you are looking for a specific item. Ill ask a mod to move this thread
  5. May I suggest you check the business section for people who do enchants for money.

    And also look into purchasing the enchants from a book shop and putting them on yourself (fairly cheap on levels that way).

    If you really can't be bothered doing any of that. I can do it for you at a cost. (it would be cheaper for you to do it either two ways above).
  6. I will be able to do this.
  7. Okay talk to me in
    I don't mind who does it I would just like it to be done :) maybe both of you can do 2 items each so it's fair :)