[BUYING] DC's Of These Items (Cobble, Stone, Glass & Maybe More)

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  1. Hello everyone. If you've stopped by my new second res recently, you may notice the foundations for my second shop rising up. After building the first floor I already realized I underestimated the amount of resources I would need by a lot. So I am looking to buy more material, because I really hope to get this project done before the end of the month. So if you want to sell dc's or possibly sc's full of these specific items, please pm me and we can talk prices and pickups :) . Here are the prices I'm hoping to buy for, but if you want to negotiate then go ahead.
    Cobblestone : Around 300 for a DC
    Stone : Around 1000 for a DC ( I am looking to buy 2 DC's)
    Glass : Around 5000 for a DC (Looking to buy 2 Dc's)
    I am also buying glowstone by the stack for 1.2k
    Please remember that just since you offer does not mean I will automatically buy your items. I apologize, but I am on a limited budget after all so there is only so much I can buy. Thanks :D
  2. I have DC of stone