[Buying] DCs of Sugar Cane!

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  1. I am buying DCs of sugar Cane! Make An Offer!

    I want about 50-100
    If you can even put it one please do so! :D

    Amount Left I Need (Guess)

    (Not live, will update)
  2. Still need more sugar cane!
  3. Why do you need so many? :eek: Anyways! How about my DC of Sugar Cane for 1,800r?
  4. I can sell you 1 dc of them for 700 buy 10 school get 1 free :)
  5. I just sold him access to my infinte trade villager. and this is what he does lol
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  6. Haha thanks Running :p it was worth an ore buster!
    Can you go a lil cheaper??
    Im not that rich :p and the reason i need it is because running sold me that infinite trade :D
  7. I would do the same if I didn't have a giant sugar cane farm(I get 8 dc's each cut)

    (Also have 4 of tho's villagers)
  8. Well I have a giant one on Utopia that gets like 5 Dcs each time but..
  9. That's what it got just mine is 3 floors :p
  10. So any sellers??
  11. I can sell you 2 DC of sugar cane for 1500r
  12. I said I can sell you, I have all the cane you need
  13. For how much each??
  14. Like I said 700r a dc
  15. Sorry... Sure ill buy!
  16. Can i buy 22 so 2 r free. So that will b 14k!
  17. Paid where do i pick up??
  18. I need to get that, it will take 4 days
  19. Ok Can i pick up saturday because i only play weekends
  20. You're buying 22 DC's of sugarcane so I'm assuming you don't need my DC anymore? That's fine though, just let me know either way.