[Buying] DCs of Redstone

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  1. I need lots of redstone and so does the stock in my mall at 17000 on smp8. If you would like to sell as much as a DC or less then you can sell directly to my mall. If you want to sell over a DC, I can set aside a time for the deal or maybe just a drop zone with the specific price and quantity that has been agreed upon.
  2. SC of redstone blocks for 35,000r.
  3. sir. you have a deal. i have set up a DC on smp1 at 2307 on your immediate right
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  4. Awesome residence number! I know redstone is something I produce a lot of and also the second most searched for item on my site. I'm not sure if those people are searching to buy or sell, but it is definitely a busy market.

    I am currently really trying to build up the database to include all the places to buy and sell for the various products. (Especially redstone as it has a high search volume.) If you wouldn't mind adding your shop that would be great. We get about 100 searches a day so far, which is only going to go up over time. The link is in my signature.

    If you have any feedback on the site that would be good. I only have a couple of malls on there so far, so I'm really curious how you find the process.
  5. Hi! Unfortunately, someone else contacted me first and I sold to him. I have about 9 stacks of blocks right now.
  6. Still need a dc of redstone dust? How's 11K sound?
  7. thats ok. so youre gonna sell that for 11,600 correct?
  8. I'll buy it off you for 8k for the sake of leveling the offers. 11k is a bit too much
  9. 8K and you have a deal. PM me when you'd like it. I'm online now
  10. I set up a shop for you at 2307. it'll be on your immediate left