[Buying] dc's of quartz blocks

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  1. alright so i have been mining quite a bit in the nether recently and decided i should prob see if anyone would like to sell and make some money. this is all going towards my smp3 display so you will not see it resold so if anyone would like to help me out with this project and sell me a dc of quartz blocks let me know. i am only currently buying 1 dc atm but in a few days i will buy another so post your offers!
  2. I will be more than happy to donate 9 stacks of quartz ore to you man. :) I love your idea and it has inspired me to make something similar, good luck man. I'll set up an access chest for you on 18388. :)
  3. :eek: thanks a ton man and lemme know where you are gonna take on your project i would be more than happy to check it out!
  4. It's already begun, check out the two reses by the one listed above ;) let me know whatcha think :)
  5. got to thinking if anything u guys can sell me the ore as well if you dont want to spend the time to make a dc of blocks though blocks would be best
  6. 100,000r
  7. alright only one response so far ;p 95k for a dc of quartz blocks any takers? this is for my smp3 project i have recently mined a dc of my own already but would like to give someone the change to earn some money while helping me out so lemme know! :)
  8. alright so i am now offering 100k per dc and im buying 2 dcs. also i am looking at buying an ore buster just pm me the price for that