[BUYING] DCs of iron blocks

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  1. Buying by the SC or DC, just need 1DC.

    PM me prices :)
  2. I will buy ingots as well to total up to a DC of blocks, please sell to me!

    Sorry its such an early bump, about to go to bed and want you nocturnal people (or people over seas) to see dis. :)
  3. Still Buying, Only need about 36 stacks of blocks left :p
  4. I can show you an iron farm :?
  5. I cannot stand afk :p if im not playing, I cant have MC running :p
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  6. I have a feeling I know what your up to.
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  8. He wants it to bathe in.
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  9. I have 2 DCS of iron make me an offer
  10. I can sell you any amount of iron you want at 4r per ingot. let me know if interested.
  11. im paying 2-2.5 a dc
  12. Wha?

    you are paying 2-2.5r per DC? that can't be right...
  13. oh lol i meant per ingot xD
    im in school atm so gotta say fast msgs
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  14. I'll sell you 2dc for 27.6k
  15. Looking to pay exactly 2.5r per iron ingot!

    Thats 8640r per DC of ingots! Lots of money for you to make!
  16. Oh my. So going to do this!
    I will get you a DC of iron ASAP
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  17. Still looking to buy about a SC more, (of blocks) if you bulk sell it to me I will pay 3r an ingot.
  18. Still buying
  19. I have a couple of stacks that I'm trying to get rid of at 2026. Its upstairs and to the left XD