[Buying] DC's of Cobblestone

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  1. Well I'm looking to buy Large stock on Cobblestone. Don't know how much but I wanna complete 12 DC's I'm mining for it but am willing to buy if anyone is interested. my price is 810r per DC. thank you :)
  2. too cheap
  3. Too cheap???

    I don't mind doing that, I've made a cobble gen. and it may not take long it's up to my internet. :D
  4. That's Natural price from individual to individual which is related to what Firehose just said and I quote
    but I can go 1080r if you'd like. is the highest I'll go.
  5. 1080r? WOW I'll do it whenever I have good internet. :)
  6. So I want to get this right so I don't mess up, 810r per DC or 1080r per DC?
  7. 810r per DC but since your willing to help I'll give you 1000r per DC
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  8. Is this for a personal project?
  9. Yes, indeed it is :)
  10. July - go to my shop 3026... I sell a stack for 10r... 54 stacks x 10r = 540r a dc... Just saying :) I'll try and keep it stocked for you
  11. I about got 2 DC full of it done now. :)
  12. July - heads up I'm out for now... When I get on it shouldn't take too much time to get more:)
  13. ok, Awesome Thanks XD But I'll buy these 2 from FireHose and that should be enough, I've gotten the rest on my wild trips Thank you for the help. Also right now I wanna buy Circle stone not a lot and honestly I do not know how many stacks I might need. I am hoping nowhere near a DC XD

  14. I got 2 DC full of cobble done if you want to get it now, all you need do to is the pay command. my res is 13436 on smp6 just look for a sign that say "[ACCESS] julyloveyou". I'm getting other 10 filling up now.
  15. Thanks FireHose I'll pay soon and visit the pick up place. Also those 2 should be enough. that is all I need as of now. thank you :)
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  16. No problem, if you need anything just let me know. :)