[ BUYING ] DC of Snow Blocks

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  1. I need a of snow blocks. I am willing to pay any amount and need it. Feel free to throw in an extra 144 blocks ;). I am making a 60x60 spleef arena at either 2326 or 2124. One will be the arena and the other will be stands and concessions.
  2. PM me or catch me on SMP1 if you have the supplies.
  3. I am willing to pay up to 20k.
  4. I will get u ur snow for the money but I am on smp 4 so how will that work
  5. I am new and have not tried whatever vault is, do you do a /vault
  6. Yes. Can you really get that much?
  7. Snow farm, infinite snow ill just shovel for long time.
  8. I have 4 stacks right now workin on it, when's a good time to turn it over
  9. Once you get it. I have the 20k so get it to me and i will pay you
  10. I have almost half the double chest, I got distracted for a little sry. Ill get right back on it after dinner
  11. I have all the snow just over 1 double chest of snow block stacks. I am avalible before 4 pm est to meet. I do not use the vault so I will have to come to you on smp1 or u could teach me how to use the vault
  12. I know how to do the vault now and have all the items, tell me when to meet u
  13. To use the vault you type /vault and a thing will pop up that looks like a double chest inventory. Then you put the items in you want to transfer. Once you get to the server you want to have your items tranfered to just type /vault again to take them out. It is really easy but you get charged 10r each time you open it.

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  14. Wow, you got it fast. Can you wait, i just bought something. I will try to get you the money soon
  15. Yea that's fine when u get the 20k post here and well meet
  16. Wait, will you accept 12k and a membership to my wood farm, it is opening soon. Memberships are 10k.
  17. No I have a huge wood farm, I would accept a beacon and 12k
  18. Mine is 16 stories and has a club.