[Buying] DC of Redstone

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  1. I am looking to buy a double chest of redstone for 6k. Price negotiable.
  2. BTHarrold sells them for 10.4k I think
  3. Well, 3r a piece is a little bit pricy in my eyes. I was hoping to get it for no higher than 7k. Thanks for putting that out there, though. If I get desperate, I'll consider BTHarrold's shop.
  4. he has an order service. Just wanted you to be aware of it. I love having options
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  5. I can sell at 2.1r per if that suits you.
  6. So a DC at 7257r? I suppose that's a decent price. I say it's a deal.
  7. Ill be home in around 3 hours, can mail then
  8. I'll make sure to pay now, and trust the redstone will get to me later. Thanks for the sale. :)