Buying DC of QuartzBlocks

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  1. So me and Espi808 need a DC of Quartz Blocks :) (DONT SELL TO Highlancer54 and Laydhighness :) )

    I will buy for 60k :) Pm, comment below or catch me ingame :)
  2. LMAO ur such a donkey!
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  3. I'll get on it!
  4. Awesome :D How long till you can get it?
  5. You smp7'ers are so mean to each other but you do it in the nicest way possible rofl
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  6. It may take a week or so, since I am starting from scratch but I see it as if I'm getting paid to get xp! I will be in the nether on smp4 whenever I am on!
  7. Awesome! :) Sounds goood!
  8. Haha, us on smp7 is like a bunch of siblings, we can poke fun of each other a little, but nobody else can! :p
    7-ers are the best crew around!
    #mrwhosgoingbacktosleepnow (dont pay attention to me, go back to sleeeeep, sleeeeeep) zzzzzz...zzzzzz.
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  9. Update on this? :p
  10. Sadly an event arose so I cannot get to it today, I am also waiting for me fortune III pick to be repaired because I have over 5 stacks of quartz ore but I sorta need as much as I can get, I currently only have have a stack of quarts blocks and a bit :(
  11. Okay all good ::p
  12. Any other offers?
  13. Me to Ninja in! Haha, go back to sleeeeep...
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  14. Yeah, I think I'm going to have to withdraw my offer, it's harder than I thought to get a DC of Quartz blocks! It requires 4 DC's of raw quarts to make it!
  15. Dat includes meh :D