[Buying] DC Iron Ore, DC Redstone Dust, SC Gold Ore

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  1. I'm looking to start buying Iron Ore by the DC along with Redstone Dust by the DC and Gold Ore by the SC.

    This will be an on-going purchase, buying more when I run out.

    I will also need niche items from time to time i.e. wood but I don't need this in such great quantities!

    I'm not only looking for the lowest price, I also want a balance between price and time to fulfill! So a fair price and a fairly quick delivery time will stand better than just a low price!

    Thanks for looking! :)

    Edit:- Forgot to finish the title and couldn't find the 'Delete' button to remove this post and re-post with a proper title! This is what happens when posting in a hurry @ work!
  2. Remember, you can always ask a staff member to edit your title :)
    If the new title does not work for you, let me know and I will re-edit it!
    Good luck with your purchases!
  3. Thanks Highlancer! that title is perfect! I was trying to write it quickly at work before the boss came back!
  4. Har! Me hold's full o' those blessed ores. How much ye be callin' a fair price, Cap'n?
  5. Well Pab, having not been around The Empire longer than a couple of days, i'm not sure what the general going rate is!
  6. Anytime! Glad to help out... now get back to werk!

    Check out the 'average' prices by visiting player shops, with /v +shop. This should give you a good feel what the market value is for items.

    Last time I checked, Iron ore is around 4-6r each, with gold ore around 15r each.
    Iron ingots are 3-4r each, with gold ingots going for 10-13r each. (thought I would mention that ore sells for more than the ingots)
    But, as the marketplace fluctuates, be sure to double check my numbers!

    You can also search the 'auctions' thread to see how much DC of the items auctions for. Bulk buying usually gets a little discount pending on demand.

    Hope this helps!