[Buying] DBL Chest o' Diamonds.

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  1. Yeah.. The title says it all.. I just feel like buying a double chest of diamonds.. I'll ONLY buy diamonds in 27 stacks or a 54 stack...

    Tell me a good price to make me buy you all those diamonds! o:
  2. Try at leowaste on smp2, 1783 on smp1, and Thecontroller "10030" on smp5 i know these 3 will have a decent amount of Diamonds in Stock
  3. I know Oleyy has loads, but he hasn't been very active recently.
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  4. Yea I see him on every 5days or so on to keep his Res then signs off within 10 secs. He kinda rage quit EMC after that diamond dup event couple months ago. I heard he runs his own server PVP from a spypie so yea.
  5. 155520 for a dbl chest.
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  6. I have 27 stacks (3 diamond block stacks) 42r per diamond.
  7. 160k for a double chest. I can get you a single chest for 80k
  8. Wish I could afford a double chest of diamonds.
  9. 42r I wont go any lower cause everyone is offering way higher prices.... so 72500r for a small chest..
  10. I have loadssssssss :D
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  11. How u selling for olleyy??
  12. You offer?