{Buying} Dancer Christmas Promo

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  1. Message me if you want to sell them, paying good price

  2. You already know what Im about to ask :/
  3. I sell them at /v 4005 promos
  4. What price do you consider a good price?
  5. 25 to 30k
  6. so how much for the dancer promo?
  7. I will sell you three, 28k each. If you want more info, come to smp6 at /v TheWiseBiscuit OR /v TheWiseBiscuit 2. Also Buying n unused Holiday Pick!! :p
  8. 9001 has dancers for sale for 30k each
  9. Now buying them at 8992 for 28k per
  10. Got mine bought off me for 40k still have another one :3c

    I ALSO

    Have a Rudolph from last (?) Christmas promo if anyone is looking to buy maybe?