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  1. Yah, I tried to make a skin, and I discovered that I'm really bad at it, but I know that we have some really talented skinners around here, so I thought I'd ask.

    Pretty much, I want this:

    Only with blue eyes peeking out from under the hair, and the suit/hoodie in shades of cyan, like MC diamonds :D Oh, and a creeper on the back or the back of the hoodie.

    Anybody want to give it a shot, pretty please, and I'll pay you!
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  2. Whats the PMC link?
  3. I'm sorry, what?
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  4. PMC = Planet Minecraft
  5. If I had that, I could probably just do it myself. I just saw that picture and thought "OOOH, I want that one" only the person who made it isn't making skins anymore.
  6. Anybody? Pretty please :D
  7. Do you want it well done? with shadows and color contrast or just some.. mediocre skin? :p
  8. give me an hour, ill see if i can recreate it and do the changes you want.
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  9. Yay, Importerer is AWESOME, everyone, just in case any of y'all didn't know ;)

    I love it, and thanks again!