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  1. I recently returned my new computer because i decided that i want a desktop. I am looking for somewone to make me a custom gaming comptuer that can handle battlefield 3. If you or any1 you know of can make me a custom desktop it would be awesome if you could say. my budget is 150 american dollars. Thanks for taking you time to read this.
    BIG EDIT:850 dollars not 150 lulz
  2. Can a mod change the title so it says desktop
  3. dude, just buy an alienware, those things are made for gaming!
  4. Look up video card benchmarks online for BF3, then use this website to add the rest.
    Make sure you get a well rated motherboard, cpu, and video card. No point in cheaping out on the critical parts of the system. If you find something in your budget, i would post it here.
    Yuck -_- Talk about paying for the name...
  5. Umm... Any good gaming computer would cost much much more money. Sorry to say so, but the world is as it is.
  6. I dont want a major gaming computer. Just want one that can handle bf3.
  7. Oh ok, sorry I didn't know that was what you were talking about exactly.
  8. Yuck -_- Talk about people talking about things they don't own...
  9. There are Alienware computers worth about 700 dollars. The one that cheap that I had in mind is a desktop too.
  10. Actually i was looking at the new alienware x51 and i have been avoiding it at all cost because it has i3 and i3 usually sucks ding dong cup cake's. But i was looking at the 700 dollar version and apparently it gets 3.0 GHz somehow so i am seriously considering this. Really the only thing that i find bad about this is the customer support which i have also heard sucks ding dong cup cake's.,

    3M Cache, 3.3 GHz<---This is good right?
  11. If you are looking for a money saver, as well as power, I would take jk's advice. Check the benchmarks, buy the parts from newegg.. build your own computer. For those are arguing about alienware, yeah they are good computers, but not for their cost relative to performance. You do indeed pay for a name, and in fact, a name that does not mean as much as it used to. Dell bought out Alienware many years back, and since then, has not been the Alienware that used to be awesome. You really pay for glowing lights with Alienware. Dont get me wrong, they are good computers, but you can build your own for 850 dollars that can do anything an alienware of double cost can do.
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  12. Thats the think i have absolutely no expirence building computers i know how they wok and stuff but there's absolutely no way i could build it. I'm looking for somewone to build it for me. and would you know if this is fast? 3M Cache, 3.3 GHz
  13. He has a valid point. Alienware doesn't have over the top exceptional desktops. They make good computers and overcharge. It is better to custom make your desktop that can be 2-3x better than Alienware at the same price.
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  14. An i3 wouldnt be the best for BF3. I would go for an i5 at least.
  15. How does Customer Support suck? I called them then waited on hold for 1 min then they made me play the game that was causing my cpu to heat up then they helped me get a benchmark test then the same day they sent a mechanic to replace my video card then the cpu then all the fans so it could start out fresh. I just don't see how customer support sucks. They are the best.
  16. Nah either go for AMD instead of i5 or i3 but choose an i7 3rd gen if you can.
  17. Yes but not everyone can make their own computers because what if they forgot the bracelets? Then they fry their pc parts!
  18. Bracelets? If you are building an expensive computer, you should go through a checklist multiple times to make sure you are doing things right. And its really not that hard. Pretty much just an expensive lego set.
  19. Bracelets? I have not once 'Fried' my computer by not wearing a braclet, If you mean Anti-Static-wristbands you just need to hold the power supply while it's plugged in (Off at the switch and wall though!)
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  20. I heard tons of complains on how the support for alienware is just horrid but that may be before dell bought out the company alienware.