BUYING cupid bows

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  1. I am looking to buy up to 2 cupid bows. Please PM me with a price

  2. I got one offer but have not gotten a response, if anyone else has some to offer me please send me a PM :)
  3. How much you willing to pay?
  4. How much a bow? I would advise to just keep server hopping and buy as cheap as possible!
  5. 9,000r each
  6. Are you willing to go like 11,000 :3
  7. I would definitely advise server hopping, I bought 2 of them for 17.5k and I would've gotten them for 16k if one of them hadn't tried to scam me!
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  8. I have 41 so far. You still buying? :D

    8k each.
    I have 226 r left.
  9. Nope :p got the 2 I needed for 20k :)