Buying Cupid Bows, SMP7 - 14377 - 9,999r each

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  1. Buying a Limited quantity of Cupid Bows for 9,999 rupees each!
    Just a couple of em, not too many, so if I get what I am looking for I will repost when I am done!

    Thanks 'yall!

  2. I'll sell you mine for 7,571. :)
  3. highlancer here buys for more - so if you are willing to take what I just quoted, feel free to make a bit more on top, and visit 14377 today! :D
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  4. I'll stop by within the hour.
  5. Ha, feel free to sell, I am trying to pay top dollar for them, and hope that it helps newer players out.

    Once the chest is filled, it will be over and I will follow up with another post.

    Think there are 3 or 4 slots left... (most of the chest is filled with another item, so I am really not buying a whole SC of em) But once filled up, its over!

    Thanks Nccoryg! Feel free to sell, you get 9999r for it! If you really only want 7,571...look for new players and help them out and give em some rupees!

    And hey FDNY! Happy (late) V-day man!
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  6. You too highlancer! And good luck getting the Cupid Bows you want :)
  7. Thanks FDNY! Got 5 more slots left, sorry there was a hiccup in case someone tried to sell, but 5 more slots!
    When its filled, I will repost that my crazy buying is over!
    Thanks guys!
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  8. One more slot left, then its over!
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  9. just sold my two
  10. Cool! Guess I had two slots left open, lol. Well, I suppose the buying is over!
    Thanks guys who sold, hope the rupees helps you all out!
    ~See 'yall in the mines! (or killing enraged these days!)
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