[Buying] Cupid arrows

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  1. Hey guys, I decided I need more of these pointless shiny arrows :3
    Please comment the number of arrows you are willing to sell and the price you wish to sell them for, if not just shoot me a PM on the forums so we can discuss it further :3 I'll close the thread when I decided to stop wasting money :3

    Have fun.
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  2. 64 arrows for 10k
  3. Ok how about 8k?
  4. there rare right
  5. Thats still seems lime top market price, They are a promo but I woul3 consider them rare as such :)
  6. I have 33 of them left.
  7. I have many stacks of these things. How many do you want?
  8. I'm going to go with around 9 stacks :p
  9. How much are you offering for 9 stacks?
  10. I've been paying 2-4k per stack but I'm guessing you'll want a little more?
  11. Ill do 4k a stack :)
  12. if you want I got 50 that I would do for 500
  13. Done and done, I'll be on in a few hours to make the payment :)
  14. Sure, ill mail them now because I dont know if I will be on later :)
  15. Have you checked out /v 4005? I recently bought 32 arrows for 1.5k from there.
  16. Sent
  17. do u need more ill do 4k a stack i have 7 stacks?