[Buying] Creation of a Gold Farm

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  1. I am looking for someone to build me a Gold Farm i don't know about price But we can work that out. It needs to be Auto / AFK and they should supply the stuff if not the price will go down if i need to supply. I am also looking for pre-built gold farms if they are good :D

    Thanks Ruari342
  2. By AFK it will also mean since i get more gold for it to be optional e.g. Looting sword
  3. Pm me, may be looking into selling mine.
  4. im looking for 1 around 200k
  5. First of all, how do people make gold farms? Pig zombies?
  6. Your name is Golddigger, YOU SHOULD KNOW HOW THIS IS DONE.
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  7. You use some pistons that go and search for gold? Names don't tell everything you knpw
  8. If it's in the overworld, you build a huge amount of portals and let em' walk off into water, therefore being pushed to the collection point. Nether wise, clear the surrounding area and use piston-pushers and tripwires. (Pigmen spawn in portals for the overworld one.)