[buying] Cords to a nether fortress

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  1. hey guys... i need nether brick for my mall. If any of u know of a nether fortress i can buy the cords from ill be very happy. WARNING: I will TAKE down the FORTRESS so if u wanna keep ur DONT post it here.

    Just fill it out in this format

    1. Price
    2. Big or Small
    3. About how far of a walk
    4. what server??

    DONT POST cords on this thread ill pm u so everyone doesnt get the information. use f3 if u hav any computer other than a mac (mac is fn + f3) to find the cords. I only need the x, y, and the x
  2. I'm on smp5 and I know one that takes 2 mins to walk to and I haven't explored it too much but probably about 10-50 stacks (like a said haven't explored all of it know at least 5-10 stacks)
  3. I also will mine it for you for 100r a stack if you supply pick
  4. You can see them pretty well on Live Map. I would pick a place in the Wild that's both convenient and located where a portal will come out near a large fortress. Eight blocks in the Wild are equal to one in the Nether, so with some math, you should be able to pretty much go wherever you think is going to give you a good result.
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  5. 1. Price: 10k (You'll get 5k profit really soon after you get there)
    2: I haven't explored all of it, so I going to safely assume small (Better safe than sorry)
    3: About five minutes, And there's a a tunnel straight to it (But sort of hidden)
    4: Smp3
    5: Has multiple blaze spawners.