[ BUYING ] Coords to Iron golem farm, or help in making one.

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  1. Title says it all folks!
  2. Just put a bunch of villagers together. And it doesn't have to be in the wild.
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  4. yes it does
  5. Ok, Thanks Marg :)
  6. You could use the zIron Farm
  7. zIron Farm?
  8. Couldn't you just give them out to free to this zIron Farm? I highly doubt all the people who use this paid their way in, they were just shown.
  9. Zab say to dont publicise so not more showing I think
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  10. Thank you! Zabriel just showed me it today :D I think I'm the last one to know :p
  11. All these people getting free iron... someone built it. (Zabriel) Why not everyone else who wants in that is not a griefer?
  12. Oh you poor non-supporters....
  13. Joined this server over a year ago-didn't beat 100k until 2013
  14. Well you have to be sure he is not griefer
  15. Am I a griefer? No. Is AS a griefer? I don't think so. Why not let us have access to these grinders?
  16. Go ask Zabriel yourself! Problem solved.
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  17. Sure
  18. *facepalm*
    I've been here for over a year, do you think I would grief now?
  19. facu brought me to grinder for free, thanks all for support :)
  20. One does not simply buy coords.
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