Buying concrete/powder

Discussion in 'Buying' started by THE_OP_ILLAGER, May 12, 2018.

  1. gimme ur top price (1k per stack? so 14k right?), divide by 50% (is now 7k)), round it up b/c i like that: 8k and we have a deal.
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  2. Ok so 16k for 7 stacks of black and white
  3. Omg please tell me you didn’t pay 1k per stack?? That’s 3-4 Times market value
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  4. havent paid =P
  5. 4K and I’ll get it to you in a few hours, already have it on hand lol. Goodness gracious 16k is highway robbery lol
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  6. uh oh... soz, i really dont know much about prices so figured i'd ask 50% of what they wanted 2 pay. if villager had paid i would have paid back the extras.