[Buying] Coloured Krysyyjane heads

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  1. As the title states, I will be buying Krysyyjane coloured heads. All but the green one.
    Either a price in a PM in game or on the site works :)

  2. How much for a Blue one?
  3. I didn't know there was COLERED KRYSYY Heads?!?!
  4. Just to clarify, theses heads are not "krysyyjane9191" heads but in the color blue (or any other color). The color signifies the color of the skin on one of her alts.
  5. I do realise that, thats why I didnt put Krysyyjane9191, but krysyyjane
  6. There are ones still spelled differently.

    I'm just posting so other people know :)
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  7. How much is a purple one worth?
  8. This thread is in the wrong place , shouldn't this be in products, business and services ?
  9. I know :/ I saw the red wrighting after I posted it :|
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