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  1. I'm purchasing several items for the prices listed below:
    EMC Firework - 25,000 (Seen several go for less and several go for more in auctions)
    Treasure Voucher - 10,500 (Price lowered as more and more are being brought into circulation)
    Valentine Rose - 1,700
    Ore Busters - 8,500
    Other 60k tools - 7,800 (Currently not buying)
    60k Armor - 7,200 (Currently not buying)

    Also selling Tnt for 55 a piece and emerald ore at 300 a piece.

    Message me on the site if you want to do a little bit of selling :D I have enough to buy multiple of each so don't worry about a lot of items
  2. i have a valentine rose to sell
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  3. Ok cool :D

    I saw your on Smp 8 but I'm out in the wild there. If you can bring it to me on Smp 5 I can give you 20 extra for vault fees
  4. I set up a spot at my res (11097 - SMP 5) where people can throw the items in a hopper, then message me on the site and I can pay them when I get on. It's completely up to you if you wanna do it this way, but I'm not always online so this may be more convenient.
  5. When i get on i could sell you an ore buster.
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  6. Cool :D Thanks
  7. Kk it's in my vault - just say when you're online ... my internet keeps going out :3
  8. I'm on now
  9. You said collectibles: In a week I may be able to sell the entire set of staff signed books not counting Justin. For a high price.
  10. I'm gonna pass, sorry Kirby. Thanks though :D
  11. Guess I didn't get the alert that you were online :p ... but I went to your res and tossed in the pic in your chest.
  12. Just got on and paid you. Thanks, I appreciate it :D
  13. dropped a turfinator in the chest :p
  14. What is a Valentine rose?
  15. During the valentines drop day drop party (At the new shop) renamed roses were tossed that were worth 1,000 rupees. Some people didn't sell them immediately to the shop that was set up so I'm buying them :p
  16. "Treasure Voucher - 12,000
    Valentine Rose - 1,500
    Ore Busters - 9,000
    Other 60k tools - 8,000
    60k Armor - 7,800"

    I don't know what these items are, could you tell me? :p
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  18. would you buy 18 ore busters?
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  19. Yessir
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  20. I possess a Valentine's Rose. I had no clue it was actually valuable because I got it from a guy who was just tossing things out. When are you normally on? I'd rather do a face to face transaction.

    Edit: On second thought I got it for free. I have nothing really riding on this, so I'll drop it in your hopper. I expect that money though. :p

    Edit 2: You seem to have moved/taken out the hopper, so I guess I'll need you to get on anyway. :confused:
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