Buying Cobblestone Generator

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  1. !!!!!!The job has been given to joshmcf after a reasonable offer and a recommendation from a key member!!!!!!


    I would like to get somebody to construct a cobblestone generator for me that creates large volumes of cobblestone swiftly, so I have to do nothing but mine constantly. Please comment below or PM me if you are interested in constructing this. I don't have an enormous budget, but a pretty good one. Also, if you could give a preview that would be much appreciated.


    -Size of Machinery: up to 50 x 60 x 60, though I don't want to dig out my whole res, so please try to keep it concise, however I will be prepared to make sacrifices for productivity.
    -Location: Town SMP3, my residence (= 7345), most probably underground
    -Cost: Whatever you find fair, but be prepared to negotiate if the price is ridiculously high. I have played on EMC for some time, so I know what I'm saying, and I find that my budget is pretty reasonable for this kind of machine.
    -Time to construct: Preferably under 1 week

    Thank you for taking your time to read this! :D
  2. OR...... you can go to the wild, and dig down 4 blocks...
  3. That's a rather large order to fill. I'd be up to it, but my area of experence is around small generators and automated farms. I think you have a better shot with just mining, you get cobblestone and other useful or valuable materials.
  4. i can build one that produces 4 cobblestone every time so semi-productive
  5. I can make a cobble generator for you that produces 100 cobble per minute
  6. Can you show it at my res? Send me in inbox plz?
  7. I used to have mine set up, but I reset my residence. Here is a sample though.

    + = piston
    [] = cobble machine
    / = redstone relay
    x = cobble

    xxxxxxxxx []

    It will produce a 9x18 cobble line in 5-10 minutes flat
  8. Thank you all for the offers... I have decided to hire joshmcf after a reasonable offer and a recommendation.