[Buying] Coal Ore, RedStone Ore

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  1. If u guys have lots of Coal Ore, RedStone Ore i m willing to buy for a reasonable price.
    I will also buy Lapis and diamond ore if u guys have some but they usually cost too much.
    My res is 1004 on SMP1 :D
  2. Try smp9 19000.

    If the prices are too high, tell me what you'd pay.

    I have around 10+ stacks of red/coal ore, 5+ diamond, 3+lapis.

    I could reduce the price on a few stacks of red/coal - but not *too* much; with the expected update giving XP for mining those ores, I think the price might go up...
  3. how about 1.4k a stack of coal ore?
  4. sell your coal ore for 15r @ 1004 on amp1 :D
  5. come to 14224 to buy ALL ores. :)
  6. thx bought all your coal ore
  7. plz type your res on this post of u sell coal ore :D
  8. I can restock :p 14224 smp7!
  9. kk restock soon :D