[BUYING]Chest of Snow

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  1. I'm willing to buy a chestful of snow for 3500r. If anyone has some they can sell to me, I will greatly appreciate it.
  2. double chest or single chest?
  3. Snow balls or snow blocks? Single or double chest?
  4. Blocks but if you have a double chest ill buy that for 6k and a single for 35oor
  5. Are you willing to buy a lot of chests or a certain amount
  6. Ill just buy a double chest full for 6k, if you have it.
  7. okay im gathering it up itll be done in at least half an hour
  8. I don't have it right now, but I can gather it when I get home, unless someone beats me to it of course. Which is highly likely. :)
  9. Curse me for leaving the house on errands when I did. :)
  10. Ok, well how about I buy a chest full from both of you. I will set up chests at my res on smp8.
  11. No that's ok. If someone else can get it to you right now, that's fine. I won't be home for a few hours yet.
  12. Ok, thanks anyway.
  13. Count me in, too! ill sell you some!
  14. wow this is tedious...
  15. Hey!
  16. what? i was talking about gathering the snow
  17. Feel the EPICNESS
  18. How much longer till your done?
  19. Well I will start gathering snow anyway when I get home, so if you still need more, or if anyone else wants to buy some, I'll have it available.
  20. ok, sounds good.