[BUYING] Cave Spider/Spider Grinder

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  1. if no grinders then any spawners for spiders. Discuss prices if u have any available
  2. I HAVE a spider spawner available! It still has the mossy cobble but I have looted the chest. Interested?
  3. how much are u looking to spend
  4. someone is selling a x3 spider for 10k plus a 1x spider plus bonus items :)
  5. lol i was about to say my post too, but i guess trufflehunter beat me to my own game :p
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  6. 3k for the spider
  8. I have quite a few available.
  9. Who can sell the cheapest
  10. Depends on what you need. Just a single? Or a double, or a triple?
  11. What can u provide can u get me prices for 1x 2x 3x spider spawners
  12. Single 3k
    Double 7k
    Triple 20k
    I don't have any triples atm.
  13. 2.75k for one spider!
  14. Are the doubles in the same area and can be made in as a double grinder
  15. Yes. Thats what a double is.
  16. Kk ill buy it... Will u be online at 2am Australian time
  17. Did you still want the spider one?
  18. ill sell you the coords for a spider spawner for 1k (my old one i don't use anymore). Message me if your interested!