[Buying] Carrots and Potatoes - 60r per stack!

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  1. I know you have a farm sitting idle, do a little farming and get big $$$ at gweeedz' store!

    SMP4 8548

    60r per stack - bring a ton! 60r per stack of potatoes and 60r per stack of carrots. The store will accept 1 DC at a time, once it hoppers down you can sell another DC!

    The store is about balance. Sell me 8DCs of potatoes and the potato side will close until the carrot side catches up. Sell equal amounts (or relatively close) of carrots and potatoes and both sides will stay open!

    Pro tip - use a fortune tool while farming to double the yield! I use a fortune pick but an axe will work just as well (don't use a shovel). Here's the bonus ... farming with a fortune pick WILL NOT consume durability! Use it forever, while more than doubling the yield ... how great is that!

    Don't bother using fortune on wheat though, fortune will double the yield of seeds only ... and who needs seeds right?

    If you want some help building your own farm I can take you for a tour of my highly effective farm plots. Not much to it really, hydrate the land and light it to at least a level of 7 and you're good to go.

    Try to take all my rupees - I dare ya! :)
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  2. Thank you all for your carrots and potatoes! I have emptied the chests so there is ton of storage space to fill, keep em coming!
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  3. I could probably farm you a DC of both and do you a deal of 6k? For a DC of both carrots and potatos.
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  4. this is why smp4 is such a nice server to be on ^.^

    im not gonna try 2 take all ur rupees but i will be selling some a bit later on so that i might be able to get my shineys back in an auction ^.^

  5. Absolutely Shrinking Crew!
  6. To be clear, 6k for 1dc of carrots and 1dc of potatoes correct? 2 DCs in total?