[BUYING] Buying Quartz blocks or Quartz flakes in large amount at 1154 on smp1

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  1. Hi

    I looking for people to supply me with quartz block or quartz flakes to my new building project. PM me at the forums or just post here and i will contact you.

    QUARTZ BLOCKS - 80.000r (DC) - 40.000r (SC)
    QUARTZ FLAKES - 20.000r (DC) - 10.000r (SC)
    QUARTZ PILLAR - 80.000r (DC) - 40.000r (SC)

    If u dont have that big amount of Quartz u can always visit 1154 on smp1 and sell directly to me there.
  2. I can get some for you. It may take a while, though.
  3. Ill see what i can find.
  4. Ill gota ll the time in the world just contact me as soon as you have a DC or SC and wish to sell it to me :D
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  5. ill sell you a DC of flakes
  6. I could sell a DC of flakes as well
  7. Epic inc is currently filling an order of a double chest of blocks, but once we are done, we can get you some quartz.