[BUYING] Buying all of yo stuff!

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  1. I am going to build a HUGE shop on smp5! But for that I need some supplies

    - 1 stack of glowstone 1280r
    - 6 stacks of coal 400r
    - 3 stacks iron 500r

    I will post some more when I need it. If you got something of this, than post please
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  2. On spm2 go to 3456, 3553, 3435 and 4005 for those stuff
  3. And maybe 4443
  4. Iron is too cheap, thats only around 3 rupees each. Coal is too cheap, that's less than 1r per coal.
  5. I have glowstone but you'll have to wait few hours, because i'm not in town..
  6. Okay, if I pay you in a sec and you deliver it on smp5 /v 10215?
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