Buying Bulks of Stone and Smooth Sand.

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  1. Well as stated above I'm looking for bulks on "Stone" and "Smooth Sandstone". It gets tedious to go to the wild to get these resources so I'm looking to buy bulks of such products. I'll be checking this thread often so please feel free to leave your offers or shop #'s.

    Thank you and Have a nice day.

    EDIT: To be more specific I need 3 - 4 double chest of stone and 2 - 3 double chest of smooth sandstone.
  2. Smooth sandstone?
  3. I have 9ish double chests of stone. Make me on offer for what you want via PM :)
  4. Yes I mean Smooth Sandstone :)
  5. I have already acquired the stone all I need now is 3 Double Chest of Smooth Sandstone